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This city fun guide tells you where to find the things that a visitor may miss. There are quests around the city centre, such as the Ghost tour, Treasure hunt, and “Find the “York Cats” that makes an interesting activity for all the family.

 The book gives the street names and postcodes of bygone items and their purpose, such as “The Printers Devil”, A Fire mark, The “little Indian” and much more. The book explains the purpose of these items, and each has an interesting secret. York is packed with things to see, and even the street names are explained in this edition.

Do you know that York’s famous street “The Shambles” was named after the meat display shelves that were in front of the Butchers shops that once lined the street? That is fairly well known, but why is Whipmawhatmagate so called?

A guide to the unusual with quizzes and quests - Find the unusual!

 The Little Devil

ISBN  9780995545908

Do you know ?

• Why does the Red Little Devil     perch where he does? And why     a devil?

 • Why does some buildings have     their windows bricked up?

 • What purpose did The little     Indian once serve?

 • How the narrow gaps between     York’s buildings locally became     known as “Snickelways”?

These “secrets” are all answered  in our book!

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